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Some Kind of Fool

07-19-1983 (#77)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

I look in the mirror
I’m trying to find
If I really look like
The dumb-looking kind

People say one thing
I see something else
They tell you there’s nothing
But I see it on the shelf

What do you take me for
Some kind of fool?
You better head back, child
Back to your school
Learn it again
Don’t you lie to my face
If you try it again
You’re out of the race

I look in the mirror
But I know I’m the type
I can see right through you
Through all of your hype

People say one thing
But I hear a different tune
They’ll just get you believing
Then they’ll bark at the moon

What do you take me for
Some kind of fool?
You better get back, brat
Get back to your school
If you do it again
If you lie to my face

You did it again
Get out of my race


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