Spiritual Tears

06-09-1985 (#111)
© 1985 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Spiritual tears
I cry for you
Straight form my source
I’d die for you
Human fears
I pry from you
Far from the past
I’d try for you

It’s a special kind of feeling
I feel it in my soul
We were meant to be together
Forever on the road
Road of life
Road of love
Eternal bright
Eternal love

Spiritual tears
Flowing from my heart
I’ll love you past the end
I’ve loved you before the start

Spiritual tears
I cry for you
Nothing but pure love
I long for you
Spiritual tears
They flow for you
For years and years
Nonstop for you

A special kind of feeling
A feeling in our soul
A new kind of oneness
To have and to hold

Spiritual tears
For you my dear
There is nothing to fear
But human tears

Spiritual tears
I cry for you
Come to me once again
How I long for you
Human tears
I wipe from you
Never more to fear
I have love for you