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Stay Cool

07-28-1983 (#99)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

It’s always been a game
Trying to meet women
It’s usually always the same
Going after these crazy girls

They’ll keep you in the dark
Maybe just a little light
They’ll just get you thinking
Thinking that you’re doing it right

Stay cool
You’re no fool
You have to get them to want you
Stay cool
Stay mysterious
And then they’ll really want you

It’s always been the same
Trying to meet one good lady
I’ll play their little games
And go after these crazy girls

They used to keep me in the dark
Sometimes not even a little light
But I think I’ve found a way
On how to do it right

Staying cool
I’m no fool
I know how they want to want you
Stay cool
Stay mysterious
And then they’ll really want you


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