© Greg DiMase All rights reserved.

03-06-1992 (#134)
© 1992 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Falling structures
All around me
Come crashing down
Years of manipulation
Myself and others
Am I capable?
Comes crashing down

Seeking rules
To play the game
The game of life
Pure speculation
What made me think
I deserve anything?
Hey! I played by the rules
Rules of the game

Why does life have to be a certain way?
Why should others play by my rules
I now value freedom
Freedom to live my life
Any way that I choose
It’s none of my business
What others think of me
Their opinion
Their lives
It’s not up to me

Building new structures
Creating what matters to me
Freedom to do whatever
Without any fee

Building new structures
Visions within me
Freedom to create now
Without manipulating strategy

Motivation is different
The orientation is unique
Using creating principles
Any day of the week

Building new structures
Life is a blessing to me
Creating what I want now
I’m free to be me

Living life as an adventure
Creating because of love
Enough to see it to existence
Not your typical love
Creating what I want now
Visions within me
Set Free!