Super Wet Black-Hole

09-27-2007 (#143)
[finished 02-27-2011]
© 2007 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.


Her lips were soft and succulent
Her smile never let on
That her mouth had super suction
A super sexy orifice for getting it on

On my head
And down my member
She sucked so hard
Even light could not remember
The direction from whence it came
The eruption with no name
She has a super claim to fame
A mouth that is never tame

Super wet black-hole
I think she wears a cape
Super wet slick-soul
My heart-light cannot escape
Superhuman sucked my love whole
She leaves my heart agape

She’s super human
A super sexy sucker
She loves to cause that event horizon
I love to kiss and fuck her

Gravitating inward
Her pull is super immense
Working hard to suck it in
My Siamese-twin gets super in-tense

Super wet black-hole
Just a cosmological hottie
Super-duper sexy suction
Damn, she’s so super naughty!