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Take Me Away

07-07-1983 (#64)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

It’s all changed
It’s a new set of rules
Nothing is the same
My feelings for you

I disembarked
On a journey that night
I said goodbye to you
Feelings faded like light

Take me away
To far away lands
Take me away
Let me feel new sands
Take me away
From all of these games
Take me away
Let me learn new names

It’s all been changed
It’s a new tune
You won’t be seeing me
At least not too soon

My feelings left
On a journey one night
What I though I knew of you
It was well, well out of sight

Take me away
To far away times
Take me away
Feelings of a different kind
Take me away
From all of these games
Take me away
I don’t feel the same


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