Tell Me I’m Wrong

(I Still Love You)
07-26-1983 (#92)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Tell me I’m wrong
Please, baby
Tell me I’m wrong
I see you walking out that door
Tell me you’re not gone
After all these years
Tell me in a song
Bring it to my tears

I still love you
No matter what you do
All the things you know about me
Well, they’re all true

I felt so much for you
I thought you felt it in my touch
Even the first day I saw you
I wanted to hold you so much

Tell me I’m right
When I say you love me too
Tell me I’m right
Do you feel the way I do?
Tell me tonight
Our love will start anew
Tell it to me right
Our love isn’t down the tubes

I will still love you
No matter what you say
I will always want you
Any time of any day

I had much admiration for you
I thought you saw it in my eyes
All the things I’ve told you
They were never ever lies