The Illusion of Separateness

12-16-1987 (#123)
© 1987 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Just past sainthood
On a daily level
Reaping positives
I might need a shovel

On to godhood
Just an infinite level
Creating positives
An infinite rebel

Just before atomhood
An infinite light
An infinite flood
Just before the storm
An infinite life
An infinite love
Just before the firmament
Rules of night
No rules on love

Just under potential
On the game level
Winning positives
Pass through the metal

On to selfhood
On an infinite level
Giving positives
You lucky rebel

Just before selfhood
Just before the storm
Just before infinity
Right before you are born

Just before the breath
Just before the war
An infinite life
An infinite love

Just before the knowing
Just before sainthood
Winning the game of life
Creating a life of good

Just after creation
Before the first “death”
The illusion of separateness
Until the last “death”

Just after atomhood
Just after the storm
Just before cellhood
Energy on the run