The Return

07-21-1983 (#80)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

“Star date one zero one nine eight five… Approaching sub-station G-seven-seven Alpha Centauri group. Our mission, to find out if colony ninety-eight is still in existence. Estimated time of arrival — five hours, thirty-seven minutes, eleven seconds. Pre-programmed flight entry engaged. End transmission.”

The little planet
Circles the star
An old civilization lives there
They came from afar

They stepped on down
When the rock was young
They made a touchdown
Under a new sun

They brought many forms
Of life to this world
They were a dying race
Here to start a new world

Ancient astronauts
We could be descendants you know
Ancient people
What kind of seed did you sow?
Are we relatives
Of far distant lands?
Is the blood in our veins
Made from distant sands?

Are there others
Of us out there?
Do they remember us?
Do they even care?