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The Ship Goes Down

© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.
06-11-1983 (#30)

Baby, you’re all alone
When the ship goes down
No one to watch the home
When the ship goes down
I’ll be the first one off the boat
When the shit goes around

You do it all the time
You’re never ever kind
You play your silly, little games
You call me your dirty, little names
You must hate me a lot
You always pull out the one stop

It makes the ship go down
It’s sinking fast
When the ship goes down
I don’t think I can last
You spread it around
You’re much too fast

All over town
The ship goes down
The ship goes down
It’s all over town
When the ship goes down

I’ve come close to islands of love
In this stormy sea of life
But when I come within your coast
It always ends up in a fight

My ship goes down
Yeah, yeah
My ship went down
It’s everyone for themselves
When the ship goes down
All over town
The ship goes down
It’s all over town
When our ship goes down


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