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Things That Could Have Been

© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.
06-21-1983 (#41)

Things that I see
Things that could be
Please, sweet thing
Come walk with me

Things that could have been
Come walk in the sand
Things that should have been
Come take my hand

Dream of what I should have done
Should have done it right
It could have been beautiful
It could have been right
I should have been dutiful
But you stepped out of sight

Things that could have been
Things that could be
Things I should have done
For you and for me

I walk the nights
Alone again, it’s true
You’re still on my mind
But what can I do?

Things we do
Not always right
Things that could have been
But you’re way out of sight

Dream of what I should have done
Could have done it right
It could have been wonderful
It could have been so right
If I had seen it coming
You wouldn’t be out of sight


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