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Tia Maria

(Long Lovely Dancer)
07-23-1983 (#87)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

A long lovely dancer
Dancer after dark
A frisky, feisty prancer
You knew how to steal my heart

I fell in love with curves
Curvaceous in the night
You listened to my words
You knew that they were right

Tia Maria
Dark hair, dark eyes
I want to be with you
Traversing through the night
Tia Maria
I taste it in your sighs
Tia Maria
I feel it in your thighs

Dancing on my head
Dancing in my room
Prancing on the bed
Dancing until noon

I fell in love with curves
Winding through the night
We never uttered a word
We knew how to say it right

Tia Maria
Glowing hair, magic eyes
I want to be with you
Traversing through the light
Tia Maria
I can feel it in your eyes
Tia Maria
I hear you in your sighs


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