True Papa

10-22-1998 (#138)
© 1998 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Direct me
Inspire me
Use me
Work me
Always naturally

I made a commitment to you
From deep within my soul
To let me do your work here
To rearrange this corrupt world

Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I doubt my progress
Most the time It’s overwhelming
This reality is such a mess

Place me where you want me
Light the evil abyss
Tell me where to aim
Please don’t let me miss

Talk to me
Listen to me
Trust me
Have faith in me
Forever naturally

I’ve learned so much from you
You’ve filled the gaping hole
You are the light of my life
You are my very soul

True Papa, I love you
You are the one and only
True me, forever
I am never lonely
My love permeates my being
My wisdom fills my life
Help me to keep you as me
I bless me throughout my life