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Two Whole Days

02-24-2008 (#144)
© 2008 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Two whole days
Without your e-love
Two whole days
Without you near

Two long days
Of thinking of you
Too many miles
To fix it quick, my dear

I love your little notes
I love that you think of me
I love the time we spend
I love the love between you and me

Soon two whole days
Without you near
Would be so easy to bear
Because you’ll be somewhere here

I don’t image being apart
For that long again
But if it happens when we’re together
We know we’ll be together in song again

I’m heading for you, baby
From across the miles
I love you so much
Can’t wait to see you smile

I’m heading home
To be in your arms
I can’t wait to be with you
Securely in my arms


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