Warm Summer Woman

07-23-1983 (#83)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Warm summer night
Comes creeping into my room
Energies flying tonight
Weavings from the loom

We’re alone again
Lying in a bed
Echoes of love now
Dancing in our heads

Warm woman
On a summer night
Summer woman
Indian summer night
Warm lady
You always do it right
Cool and shady
Your cool lips tell it right

Vibrant electricity
We send each other fire
A beautiful love now
All I can do is admire

Warm summer woman
You’re hot to the touch
We’re melting together now
How did you learn to love so much?

Warm woman
Hot lady
Warm summer woman tonight
Indian summer
Hot flashes
Long into the night
Warm woman
Warm night
Hot lady
You do it right