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When You Are Born

07-05-1983 (#60)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

How much do you know
When you are born?
What kind of knowledge is there?
How much do you feel
When you are torn?
Is there really someone to care?

It’s a new adventure
Each time you are born
It’s a challenge
It’s a test
It is life
And each time
You have sworn
To do your best
At the test
Which is life

All we are
Is all we’ve been
Lifetime after lifetime after past
And all we’ll be
Is what we want to be
Lifetime after lifetime after next

This is my philosophy
That I have stated here
It’s a challenge
It’s a test
It’s my best
And every time
You think about it
You’ll do your best
At the test
Like the rest


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