Women in Ruts

Women in Ruts

07-02-1983 (#54)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Say, sweet lady
Why don’t you break up with him?
He’s not your sugar daddy
He’s got you out on a limb

All you do is fight with him
He runs you up a wall
All you do is stay with him
You’ve nailed yourself to that wall

I really can’t stand
Can’t stand the way
That guys treat their women
I see it every day
They treat them disrespectful
They treat them so unkind
How come women put up with it
It really boggles my mind

They get themselves in a rut
They do it all the time
Women really torture themselves
They tie their own mind

I really can’t see
Can’t see the reason why
That you don’t see
See through this crazy guy
He treats you disrespectful
He treats you so unkind
How come you put up with it
It really boggles my mind


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