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Yackity Yack

07-06-1983 (#62)
© 1983 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

Yackity yack
Yackity yack
All you do is yackity yack
Talk and talk
Talk all day
You talk and talk
But have nothing to say

Motor mouth tilly
Motor mouth silly
You give me the willies
You give me the chillies

Here it comes again
I see you warming up
Working your jaw real good
I wish you’d shut up

If they ever found
Perpetual motion
It would probably be your mouth
It’s forever in motion

Yackity yack
Motor mouth tilly
Clackity chat
You give me the willies

Talking forever
Talking nonstop
Talking all the time
My eardrums are going to pop
Yackity yack
Yackity yack
All you do is
Yackity yack


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