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Your Playground

(A Fantasy Gone Right)
08-23-2007 (#142)
© 2007 Greg DiMase. All rights reserved.

I want to play in your playground
Because there’s something there I’ve found
Mounds and mounds of succulent flesh
Mounds and mounds of sounds
You moan and move to my very touch
You move and move so much
That’s why I like playing
Playing in your playground
Playing in the grounds of lust

I could play all day
I could play all night
I will play any way
I play all that is right

Playing, playing, playing in your grounds
The estate is heavenly when you make those sounds
Playing, playing, playing on your sounds
Uncover the climax that you’ve found

I want to play in our playground
Because there’s something there we’ve found
A safe, a source, a healthy place
Playing on the mounds

(You’re queen of your hills, baby, and I’m the king of touch!)

You moan and move to every touch
You groan and move so much
That’s why I love playing
Playing in our playground
Playing in our grounds of lust

I will play all day
I will play all night
Let’s play all ways
Let’s play this tonight

I chase you over hill and dale
I chase you over the grounds
Over fence and under bush
I love to hear those sounds

Open fields and open minds
I catch you in the clearing
Tumble, rolling, hot embrace
Enough to hit the ceiling

(Roll over here, baby, and let’s do it again!)


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